Eugenia brings much more than just talent, skill and professionalism to her art, she brings true joy. This connection with creativity is a realization that art comes through us more than from us and is evident in her process. Whether two dimensional or three, Eugenia's art is not to be viewed, but experienced! ~Victor

Working with Eugenia was such an enlightening experience. We were able to collaborate our intentions as a whole to get the results our family needed and wanted. We still are feeling all of the wonderful energy and change that has come about from our mural. One of the best home/life improvement decisions we could of made. ~Amanda

She is passionate about her work, and it shows. Her art is unique, different, and one of a kind. We have one of her pieces in a prominent spot in our home, where it gives us peace and joy. Buy her artwork, whatever it may be. It will be a good decision on your part. ~Bill

Eugenia created an amazing 3-D portal mural on the wall of my restaurant in Phoenix. It is a powerful image and a huge attraction. People are drawn in ways that they may not be aware. However, drawn in they are. Because Eugenia's art not only is inspiring to look at, but it speaks to a place deep within our souls. It brings us back together as Source intended. To live together in harmony and compassion with Grace and Love abounding. I highly recommend her work! ~David

A friend gifted me an Intuitive Energy Drawing session and we had so much fun that I gifted my Mom the same for the two of us a month later. Now I not only have two beautifully unique and original pieces of artwork reflecting my energy, I also gained much needed clarity from Eugenia's interpretation and intuition. The combination of her artistic talents makes for a wonderful experience and I can't wait to meet her again when faced with the next life obstacle for insight and to add to my collection. ~Kelly

I was gifted an Intuitive Energy Drawing by Eugenia and had no idea what to expect. Eugenia has a wonderful spirit, made me feel comfortable (even virtually), and explained everything about the drawing and what it meant. It was a fun experience! I love my drawing and it was affirming to see that the energy I give is so beautiful! ~Susan

Thank you, Eugenia, The Energy Drawing was amazing. The awareness was remarkable. The experience was spectacular. ~Patty